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Soul Sessions is a one Hour talk program hosted by Lady Tee! The show discusses all the trending relationship issues and tries to analyze your comments, your questions and suggestions . Every Wednesday Evening at 8 p.m EST, Lady Tee will share a scenarios/question like this;


“I am dating a very sweet, sensitive, intelligent, honest and down to earth guy who has a good solid working class type job, is very attractive, and shares many of the same interests as I do.
The problem is he is not college educated. He uses poor grammar, doesn’t have the best table manners and doesn’t think or communicate in nuanced terms. He doesn’t question the authority of those from white collar culture – which Is an issue for me. Apart from from all these issues, I have my parents to deal with. I doubt if they will accept him as I have..its a real nightmare for me. I am just confused. I don’t know if I want to marry somebody from his class.. and what kind of future will our children have? Can you please help?” Caroline S.


“Does it matter that the person you have fallen in love with or are planning to marry belongs to another social class? Does the question of class matter at all in relationships/marriage? What is “mixed-collar” dating and will you go for it?”

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