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The IntDiva Show Wilth LIZ

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The IntDiva Show Wilth LIZ

The Intnldiva Show is a one hour 3-segment talk show that airs every Thursday at 8pm. The shows format allows Liz to bring in a co-host every week to help discuss a chosen topic. They also get to discuss trending issues from the entertainment industry. Listeners contribute to the show by calling in to share their opinions on the topic. Liz wraps up the show with some tips for listeners.

The Host

Liz Adegboye aka Liz “The IntnlDiva” is a born native of Washington, D.C. At age 9, she and her siblings moved to Nigeria where she spent most of her preteen/teenage years and relocated back to America, New York City to be exact, at the age of 16. As a child, Liz exhibited such a great sense of humor and a knack for entertaining people.

Not only was she able to pick up dialects and accents, Liz would portray the exact same demeanor as the person she’d imitate. Liz always had a love for entertainment; but also found herself in a field where she would give selflessly to improve the lives of others.

Liz obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in Child Welfare and Family services in 2008. With this degree Liz worked in various Human Services settings as a Case manager to an Executive role. Proving her passion for serving the under-served and realizing a need for policy changes, Liz obtained a Master’s degree in Public Administration in 2012.

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