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Yankee Wahala

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Whether short-term or permanent basis, everyone that has lived in America has a collection of stories based on their unique experiences. Yankee Wahala is a show that covers the gamut of the funny, bizarre, sad, and at times frustrating experiences that Ghanaian “foreigners” face on a day-to-day basis. Nothing is sacred! Yankee Wahala addresses inter and intra cultural relationships, politics, immigration policies, romance, school, family (in the U.S. and Ghana)…anything that adds “wahala” to our lives.

Although most of the central characters are Ghanaian, Yankee Wahala is a radio drama that captures the struggles and triumphs of immigrants living in the United States. Yankee Wahala is a truly multi-cultural program. It showcases actors from different races and ethnicities that come together to volunteer their time and have a lot of fun in the process.

If interested in guest starring on Yankee Wahala, please send a message to cnnawadzi@gmail.com or a whatsapp message at (352) 682-4043.

Yankee Wahala airs every Sunday, 3pm EST on My-Star Radio. Yankee Wahala: Every Foreigner has a Story

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